Dr. Aram Bonni – Patient Shares Her Testimonial

“Due to unfortunate experiences in my past and due to the treatment I received from other health care professionals in the past; I was amazed by the Staff that worked with Dr. Bonni and by Dr. Bonni himself. I had not seen a doctor since 2005 unless it was an emergency, so I was very nervous and defensive about seeing Dr. Bonni. Once I explained my issues to the nurse who seemed to notice my discomfort she made it a point to stay with me through out the entire procedure with out making me feel like a needy patient. Dr. Bonni also came back to speak with me before the procedure had been conducted and made me feel much better about what was happening. I was treated with more kindness and respect than I have ever experienced in my life by anyone in the health care profession. After my procedure was done I went home with instructions from Dr. Bonni that I misunderstood. When I called Dr. Bonni though I could hear his concern over what I had done he did not make me feel stupid or like I done something wrong, he helped me rectify the problem that resulted in my misunderstanding. Sometimes it takes a little longer than it should to get a call back from his staff but if I call Dr. Bonni he rectifies it immediately and the staff has never taken that out on me. I do not have to call Dr. Bonni often it has only happened once in the 3 months I have been in Dr. Bonni’s care. Bottom line I tend to be a very difficult person to please as well as a needy patient and I can say that Dr. Bonni and his staff have never made me feel bad about it and as long as they will have me I will return.” http://ow.ly/QblfP


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