Ask Dr. Aram Bonni – “Can Surgery Eliminate Cyctocele Pain?”

By Aram Bonni, MD, FACS, FACOG


My mother is 74 years old. She was diagnosed with cycstocele and they said there was no chance for her to recover. I was wondering if surgery would help to eliminate her pain and if surgery would be a major procedure for her?


It is difficult to comment without proper examination and evaluation. Overall I would not evaluate the situation as” no chance to recover.” In general cycstocele repairs are minimally invasive procedures that could be done as an outpatient and would take care of herniation or down fall of the bladder. Often times there maybe other issues related to the problem that may need to be attended to. Most important factor in this scenario in my opinion is to make sure that one completely understands the relationship between the described pain and the cycstocele. It is not that uncommon for pain to exist for other reasons and as a matter of fact a pure cycstocele and prolapsed bladder is not all that painful. It usually presents itself with other symptoms and signs.

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